Braised Mixed Vegetables Done Chinese Style

This dish is also known as Luo Han Zhai or Loh Han Chai.

Serves: 4 Persons
Prep Time: 30m
Cook Time: 30m
Ready In: 0m

Today, I learned something new from Jennifer Choong again! She was kind enough to share a dish that she not only eats it during Chinese New Year but other days as well. I shall call it Braised Mixed Vegetables – Luo Han Zhai! Apparently, Luo Han Zhai is a Cantonese dish. I remembered I got to enjoy this dish when my grandmother was still around. After she passed away, I never had this dish for my Chinese New Year for many years, partly also due to I am married to a Hokkien family! This dish relies on ‘lam yue’ (南乳 fermented red beancurd) as the main seasoning, some might not like the taste as it is an acquired taste. If you do like this dish, try to make it yourself as it will save you quite a bit from eating out. Follow the recipe below: (more…)

The Importance Of Budgeting When Buying Food Preparation Supplies

Advance planning, wise purchasing and efficient food storage would be the 3 necessities to maintaining meals costs down. The period spent on planning meals is time preserved on purchasing and cooking. Great shopping depends on being aware of what to look for when it comes to freshness as well as cost. Keep in mind that the most expensive meals are definitely not the ones with the greatest food worth as well as significantly, you wouldn’t want to waste money over a costly food when you’re able to help to make 1 in the comfort of your kitchen. Wise shopping is never wasted in the event that your meals are properly stored. Maintaining meals at the proper heat and knowing how long this continues to be fresh will prevent waste.

Most regular folks understand by experience that they could balance their housekeeping budget. And it is necessary that these people spending budget their cash well especially since we’re dealing with the main global turmoil. However, even the most experienced confront trouble in cash their cash when there is no meticulous planning done. (more…)